DutchDare International supports organizations in the Profit, non-Profit and Government sector with interim and permanent solutions for their, often critical, business operations and processes. We know from our own experience which challenges our customers may encounter. That gives our service a significant edge. And that is what our customers and the professionals that we hire are constantly looking for. A business partner, who not only thinks together with them about how to resolve the problems at hand, but also thinks ahead. For you, and with you…

What we can do for your organization

DutchDare International is your partner of choice for the selection of the best professionals available in the market. Either for an interim assignment, or for a permanent position. We select the most suitable professionals from the labor market to fill an interim or permanent role within your organization. We view your challenges as opportunities, and weare genuinely interested in both the organization as well as the professionals. And the reason we ask that second and third question, is to truly understand the issue at hand.

Personal contact

Are you as enthusiastic about us as we are about your organization? Nothing is more effective than personal contact. Contact us today, and be guaranteed that resolving your issue effectively will be our priority.

Transparent and clear communication

We communicate clearly and transparently with our clients and the professionals as transparency encourages better cooperation. As a client and as a professional, this transparent way of working means that you know exactly what to expect from us. That way we arrive at the best solutions easier, faster, and without any surprises.

The right professional in 5 steps

Step 1: Jobintake

The job intake is pivotal in the recruitment process. Of course we want to get to know you and your organization in as much detail as we can to make sure we really understand what you need. During the job intake we discuss the assignment or vacancy, listen actively and critically, and ask the necessary questions. Think of experience, education, skills, and competences. But we will also ask you about the culture, communication, team composition, and so on. These are some of the critical factors which will enable us to select the most suitable professionals.

Step 2: DutchDare International introduction & selection

After our job intake, we summarize the conversation, and formulate an agreed upon vacancy text which we then distribute in our network. DutchDare International knows the right (interim) professionals for your business.
We’re not about the number of professionals ,but about finding the right professionals for your organization.

Step 3: Proposal to the client

After the resume selection, telephone screening, introduction, referees check and the final selection, our proposals are presented to the client.

Step 4: Selection by the client

Obviously the client decides. You decide who you want to interview, and who you ultimately choose. But, of course wealways give you our advice, and the reasons why.After tyou and your preferred candidatehave decided to work together , our work is not yet done.

Step 5: Evaluation

The recruitment process never really ends, but after the first week, or rmaximum two, we will do an evaluation. During this evaluation the extent to which the client and the professional are both satisfied is reviewed,, and action will be taken if and when needed. This concerns the quality of the services provided by DutchDare International as well as the performance of the professional. Either way this is a valuable feedback moment for all parties involved.