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The world around us is moving at an ever faster pace. Today’s news will be outdated tomorrow. Overall the economy is doing well. and as a result the labor market as well. Several factors ensure increasing dynamics within the financial domain. One such factor is that it’s essential to have access to relevant information earlier and earlier in the process in order to be flexible, and be able to continue to push the company forward in the right direction. This dynamic is further enhanced by the increasing importance of risk management, in which cyber security obviously plays a pivotal role. We see this reflected in the development of functions such as the Financial Analyst, the Business Controller but also the CFO, which is more and more often encompassing IT as well. The role of the so-called beancounter has become pretty much obsolete many years ago, and the content of the financial positions as we knew them before is often in need of an update today. What do we think is the trend for the coming years? The continuation of these developments. Faster and faster. As financial professionals, we will therefore have to be more process-oriented and play an important pioneering role in the development of compliance, risk and reporting issues, among other things. Information plays an increasingly important role in the company and the finance department plays a crucial role in managing it efficiently. DutchDare International has interim professionals that will help you to respond effectively to these changing circumstances and challenges.


DutchDare International knows the HR market inside and out. The transformation from a supply market to a demand market will accelerate in 2020, and the battle for the right interim professional will only intensify. Strategic personnel-planning, sustainable employability, and training and development are the spearheads of our clients in this rapidly changing labor market. We are also experiencing an acceleration in the further development of HR and Talent Development. The profession of the HR professional will be extremely challenging in 2020 due to economic developments and changing laws and regulations. Today’s needs mainly focus on a business partner, and the HR specialist. The freelance network of DutchDare International is there for you to tap into, and adequately support you with any HR needs you have.


Nowadays Data is everywhere. Organized and connected in an intelligent way Data becomes information. This is valuable and is becoming more so by the day. This also means that we have to be more careful with how we handle and protect this information as it can cause great damage should it get into the wrong hands. Financial, reputation and business damage as a result of espionage, or even a shutdown of business operations. However you look at it, we are collecting more and more information, and its’ value is constantly increasing. Hence Data Security is becoming increasingly important, and is evolving rapidly. We have to protect our data, not only against DDOs attacks, malware, vulnerability by design, ransomware and the like, but also protect ourselves against ourselves, i.e. against our own behavior. DutchDare International is aware that information security, both online and offline, starts with people. The human factor is crucial. As Security is a process, and the management and processing of privacy-sensitive information is subject to strict rules, we don’t get to define this process ourselves, as legislation also plays an important role liek for instance in the case of GDPR.


Of course our network and our recruitment activities extend beyond the abovementioned focus areas, to make sure we cover all aspects of your organization, and hence select the right candidate for any personnel needs you may have. Of course you want to know more, so get in touch with us!

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